The Alfandega Porto Congress centre will be the scene of the first confirmed events of what promises to be the first edition of AngoPor in the national territory.

It is already next spring that the first edition of AngoPor, a series of events that promise the celebration of music, reaches national territory. The first moments have just been announced and are scheduled for April 4 and 11, at the Carlos Lopes and Alfândega Porto Congress Centre.

"Music exalts moments of joy, sadness, virtues and defects, contributing to the awakening of consciences, social education, as well as the economic development of a country. Angola and Portugal, besides being united in language, have a mature intercultural relationship, which has over 400 years of living together, culminating in an indestructible brotherhood. In this sense, the first edition of AngoPor will feature a program especially designed for all music lovers. Expectations are high and we hope to be a reference at the national level. " , explains Maria Nobrega, spokeswoman for Asdrubal Promotion, promoter of the event.

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