O Fabuloso Circo de Natal

19.11.20 to 10.02.21

The Christmas magic has arrived at Immersivus Gallery with “O Fabuloso Circo de Natal” ( Fabulous Christmas Circus). An immersive audiovisual experience with several moments full of surprises and fun.

The voice of national radio host Nuno Markl guides the audience inside a circus tent where the magic of Christmas happens in a fabulous show.

Throughout the spectacle, you will find references to the city of Porto, in immersive environments, allowing the audience to identify themselves with the show and join this adventure. This circus artistic acts are performed by special animated characters of humans and animals in a creative way. The magician, the clown, the orchestra are some of the performers from all over the world that you will see in the show.

​All this elements transform Immersivus Gallery into a virtual circus while taking the spectator into a 360º immersive experience.

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