The Art of Forgery

09.10.20 to 31.12.20

"The Art of Forgery" is the result of a partnership between Alfândega do Porto and the Diretoria do Norte da Polícia Judiciária and falls within the scope of the 75th anniversary celebrations of this institution of criminal investigation.
Grounded on the talent, imagination and very often on the creative genius of criminals, this exhibition shows us the deception, the illusion and the fraud which ranges from works of art to currency, and includes weapons, automobiles, jewellery and even a machine that cured all illnesses!

The themes and objects presented aim to bring to public knowledge significant narratives of forgeries and forgers, items that have been tampered with or counterfeit mechanisms gathered during investigation processes and, in this way, to remind us of the precautions that all of us should take, whilst exercising our citizenship, which one would wish to be both informed and active, to avoid finding ourselves involved in “false” contexts.
Alfândega do Porto, which over 150 years ago housed the customs services, having become the most important entry and exit door for products and communication with the world, now lives an intense cultural activity becoming, once more, a true space of communication, of sharing and construction of knowledge.

True or False? Discover the ingenuity of criminals for yourself.