1700 - 1839


1703 Publishing of the Regiment of the Custom House of Porto, with emphasis that the existing customs house doesn´t have enough space or clearance. In the beginning of the 19thcentury, the existing customs house, considered as the “former customs house” doesn´t bear the effect of the prevailing commercial activity.

1821Decision to temporarily use another warehouse – the Saavedra warehouse, popularly known as “warehouse of Massarelos” and actual Museum of Port Wine.

1823The spreading of the customs service and the lack of security of the warehouses motivated the liberal reforms and the request for a new customs house.

1834The Minister of Finance, José da Silva Carvalho recommended that the General Director of Customs House in the North should propose a public building that could hold the customs house.

1836The same Minister requests a plan and quotation of construction to the Civil Governor of Porto as well as a project to collect the necessary means to construct the new customs house.